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Founded in 1982, Nagasakti Kurnia Textile Mills is a leading textile manufacturer specializing in the production of high quality uniform and suiting fabrics.

As a vertically integrated operation encompassing both Weaving and Dyeing-Finishing divisions, the company stands as an example of the new generation of modern textile manufacturers in Indonesia, renowned for its use of the latest technology to cater to the needs of local garment producers as well as tapping in opportunities on the international stage through value added fabrics.

Tech-driven focus in implementing an extensive monitoring system to track client orders at all stages of the weaving production line.
We carry out our dyeing and finishing activities in accordance with stringent, self-imposed environmental obligations.
We are one of the top producers of uniform fabric in the domestic market, and with unmatched high quality standard.
We can apply various functional finishes to our fabric according to customer requests.

PT. Nagasakti Kurnia Textile Mills is committed to achieve and exceed customer satisfaction by:

1. Understanding our stakeholders’ needs and expectations.

2. Producing quality products with competitive pricing and timely deliveries.

3. Continually improving the effectiveness of the QMS.

While tradionality known as a private label manufacturer, Nagasakti Kurnia Textile Mills recently launch several new in-house brands for unifrom fabrics:

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Awards & Certifications


Environmental Policy

PT. Nagasakti Kurnia Textile Mills recognizes the importance of environmental protection and is committed to uphold an effective EMS that benefits all interested parties by:

  • Operating responsibly and in compliance with all legal requirements relating to the environment.
  • Lowering energy consumption by enhancing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes & facilities.
  • Promoting the use of environmentally friendly raw materials.
  • Reducing production & packaging waste and improving our waste management methods.
  • Regularly assessing the environmental risks, aspects, and impacts of our operations and addressing significant areas of improvements.
Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient

Corporate Social Responsibility

PT. Nagasakti Kurnia Textile Mills

Nagasakti Kurnia Textile Mills welcomes enquiries from parties interested in learning more about its extensive portfolio of uniform fabrics as well as its planned development of a modern industrial estate in West Java. Prospective investors and partners are also encouraged to contact the company directly.

  • Jl. Cisirung No. 38 Dayeuh Kolot, Bandung 40256
  • (022) 5220022, 5221122, 5220077, 5221177

  • (022) 5220011


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